Sheepadoodle Puppies

All The Furry Details

Thank you so much for your interest in Luv My DoodlesSheepadoodles! We hope that we have answered most of your questions. Please email us at or call at 252-267-5845 if you have any additional questions.

Fill out the application

Fill out the application on the home page.  This process helps us determine whether  our puppies would be a good for your family and lifestyle. Once the application has been submitted you will receive an email if your application has been approved between 2-5 days. 


Once your application has been accepted via email. You will receive a paypal invoice for $300.00 + 9.50 for pay pal fee.  This is a non refundable deposit of $300.00. Once the deposit has been received you will be placed on the ACTIVE WAITING LIST in order of the deposit. 

2. Willis Family female 

3. Cox Family female

4. SEH Family female

5. Hutoron Family male

6.Higgins Family




Final Payment

We accept cash or Paypal only ( 10% fee on final payment with paypal) Your final payment of 1600.00 will be due 7 days before pick up date ( will be noted) or cash at the time of delivery.