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Luv my sheepadoodle Q&A


Q: How much are your sheepadoodles?

A: Our sheepadoodles are $1900.00 

Sheepadoodle puppies near Virginia Beach, VA

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Yes we offer a 1 year Health Guarantee against any congenital defects of the puppy. Please click on "Health Guarantee" Tab above. 

Q: Do you test for health/genetic testing?

A: Yes. Sadie  and Ody have been genetically tested by Paw Prints Genetics, Ensuring that none of these diseases have been passed  to your puppy. Both parents have been tested and cleared for the following diseases .  

Old English Sheepdog Panel Included Test:

-Degenerative Myelopathy

_Multidrug resistant

-Primary ciliary dyskinesia

Standard Poodle Essential Panel Include Test:

-Degenerative myelopathy

-Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures

-Progressive rod-cone degeneration

-Von Willebrand disease I

Q:Where do I pick up my puppy?

A: We're located in  Eastern North Carolina and would be willing to meet you within a 1 hour radius from our home . 

We do not ship our puppies but would be than more happy to meet you at the Norfolk International Airport.  All  the appropriate documents  from our Vet will be provided.

Q: Should I crate my puppy?

A: Yes, we believe that puppies should be crate trained. We feel that puppies will potty train faster in a crate. They also have a safe spot to rest and stay out of trouble.

Q: How do you accept payment

A: We  accept cash or payment through PayPal only.  Once you application has been accepted you will receive a invoice through PayPal. There is a ( $9.50 Paypal fee) on your $300.00 deposit or $300.00 deposit using Zelle without a $9.50 fee

What are our families are saying about us


Otis " Blue" mommy states

I "loved" watching the way she raised them for the first stage of their lives. "I've researched a lot and I've never seen any one love her puppies the way she did. I think that makes all the difference in their confidence and demeanor. The food she fed them, the tests she did on the mom and dad and having a back up mommy ( aunt) who loved them like her own.

Little Boy Blue is a very lucky boy.- Saundra

Saundra- I agree 100% Allison Jones did a great job raising these babies. Our vet was amazed how confident and calm he was at his first check up? We are very are very happy with our handsome boy! Worth the Flight to NC. - Paula



Now that all the babies are lovingly tucked in their forever homes, I know I speak for all of the lucky families who have a Doodle to love: 

Thank you and Sadie from the bottom of our hearts for breeding in the most loving and nurturing environment. Nine hits out of the ballpark who spent 8+ weeks in your walls, on your floors, enveloped in your love as though they were forever yours. Thank you for providing them an amazing start and, more importantly, being able to say goodbye to each little four-legged angel! They are healing hears, bridging spirts and bringing joy- Baker's mama



How do I begin?  Getting a puppy was a big deal for our family. We debated forever! We had requirements.... smart, obedient, no shedding, hypoallergenic, but not a another small poodle. 

Buttercup has been a dream! All the work that Allison did from the start made the transition so much easier! She was not scared of loud noises-which is great in a house with young kids. She was super easy to potty train, she knew outside was where she should tinkle:) 

She is very smart, happy to obey, gentle with kids and a joyful addition to our family.

About Us

Our puppies


Our Sheepadoodle puppies are $1900.00 with a non refundable deposit of $ 300.00. Deposits are now being accepted. 


Each puppy will receive individual training and socialization with children and adults to ensure a smooth transition into their new homes. Your puppy will be exposed early to neural stimulation during the first few weeks of birth. This stimulation enhances the trainability of your puppy. Your puppy will also be exposed to early crate training and  basic potty training to make a smother transition into their forever homes. 

If you are interested in a puppy from Luv My Doodles please read our health guarantee and fill out our application .

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Home Raised Sheepadoodles


If our Sadie and Friends slide show hasn't said enough we wanted all of our guests on Luvmydoodle to know that Sadie is truly part of our family.  WE love her so much.  She loves to travel, swim and play with her sisters Ellie and Mabel. Sadie has a gentle spirit, loves children and is extremely loyal. Eagered to please and super smart. 

Your new puppy


Your new puppy from Luv my doodle will come pre-spoiled.   We strive for a loving, loyal  companion that will part of your family for a long time.   Your puppy will come home with the following: 

  • 1 year health guarantee ( please review our health guarantee policy)
  • Complete  Vet exam with first round of vaccinations
  • De-worming record
  • Dew Claws removed
  • Vaccination record
  • Puppy food sample
  • Blanket with mom and siblings sent
  • Familiar toys 

Sadie and Ody

Sadie " Dame" F1 Sheepadoodle


Sadie is loyal, very smart, gentle and very obedient which makes her easy to be around. She has had 5 hours of professional training. She walks unleased in our neighborhood and comes on command.  Sadie loves to go for rides, swim in the river and chase her sister Ellie around. 

Ody " Sire" F1 Sheepadoodle


Ody is fun loving, smart and goofy.  He has a calm and obedient temperament that everyone loves. He loves to romp around his 10  acre  farm and take dip the pool. 

F2 Sheepadoodles Puppies


Sadie and Ody' puppies are due in May 2019

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